A World Without Billboards - How It Could Look Like

A couple of months ago, I went to a piano concert by Igor Levit in Hamburg. While listening to Beethoven’s beautiful classical sonatas, my mind shifted into a meditative state, and I had a clear vision. I saw another world that looked very much like ours, with one crucial difference: We human-beings lived in 100% alignment with Mother Nature. 

I mean by this that you couldn’t see any crowded streets, big skyscrapers or ugly industrial buildings. This world was built so that all the necessities we needed, like places to sleep, transportation, etc. where underground. And all facilities we needed for our everyday life like offices, restaurants, and cafes were above ground but in the form of treehouses, hill houses and caves. We found a way to co-exist with nature without destroying it. And of course, one other thing that was not included in this world were billboards. 

Can you imagine a city without billboards or business signs?
An urban landscape with absolutely...

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1 Simple Strategy To Nurture Your Leads & Clients

What have your best friends with your best clients in common? You like them, and they like you.

We are social creatures, and the business world is not different. We do business with people we like. Period.

We don’t like hanging out with people we don’t like, and if for any reason we come across them, we will not stay very long.

Look around your life, and I can guarantee you that you frequently go to places where you are treated with respect, and you have some sort of relationship with the people there—places with people you like.

It could be your favorite restaurant, hair salon or barbershop, gym, or any other place you interact with regularly.

The point here is that you have a relationship with those people/businesses. This same principle applies to your own business. 

Would you like to attract more and better quality clients? Then make sure to build a relationship with the person behind that business and let the magic happen. Care enough to treat that person...

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8 Forces To Build A Business As A Force For Good – Part II

As we already covered in Part I of this article, growing a business that makes a positive impact in our world can be especially challenging.
In this Part II, we are going to cover the next areas that are critical in order to build a lasting business.
Start and grow a business it's a challenging task, but start a social business is even more challenging.
Why spend all your time, effort, expense, and credibility-building activity to attract new clients from the outside market when there is a more accessible and less expensive way to do it? You can partner with other people, companies, publications, and organizations and win new clients by entering their network. 
This way is faster, more efficient, and is only a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself. And not to forget: You meet tons of inspiring people and create a powerful network of changemakers for yourself.
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8 Forces To Build A Business As A Force For Good – Part I

Start and grow a business it's a challenging task, but start a social business is even more challenging.
... because as a purpose-driven entrepreneur you make a commitment to work in all areas of traditional business PLUS making a positive impact. 
... because your decisions are not only based on the impact will have on the profits, but also the impact will have on the environment, community, workers, and customers.
Even though it could be more challenging, it is way more fulfilling to build a business that is meaningful and makes a difference!
In this 2 part article we share the critical areas your business needs to master in order to build a sustainable business – environmentally and financially sustainable.


The pace of change has accelerated to the point where a standard business plan is no longer enough to plot the future of your business with any...
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Why Your Values Are The Foundation Of Your Marketing

Do you know your brand’s DNA? Or does it even have one? In fact, most businesses struggle with this very important point. But creating a brand DNA is key to establish a successful business that has an impact in today's world. Why so? I will try to explain it with an easy example: All of us know Patagonia – an American outdoor clothing company. If you think about them, what comes to your mind first? Right. Most of us will probably think about quality, environmentalism, and integrity.
Where does this image come from? This is easy to explain: Because Patagonia has a very clear, powerful, and vivid brand DNA that sticks with the customer's mind. It is proved that companies with a strong DNA appear to be more trustworthy, create better long-term customer relations, and have more impact on society. Therefore, as a social entrepreneur, it is very important that you start building your own DNA right from the beginning.
Your next...
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How To Build A Community For Your Brand

brand community marketing Jun 26, 2020

I had the pleasure to interview Mariel Jumpa and talk with her about the importance of community building and how to get started successfully. She is the founder of Slow Fashion World, which is a global community for conscious creatives that want to empower slow fashion visionaries to make their voice heard, show alternatives to fast fashion, and increase awareness about the current ecological crisis in our world.

Mariel will share her experiences and tips on how to build a thriving community for your business, how to use community building as a marketing tool, and why it is so important in today's world and especially for Social Entrepreneurs.
Mariel is originally from Peru and now lives in Sweden. She used to be a flight attendant with a massive passion for traveling and connecting with people, and this led her into starting Slow Fashion World - because she wants to empower, connect and enable collaborations in ethical fashion between Europe and Latin America....
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