8 Forces To Build A Business As A Force For Good – Part I

Start and grow a business it's a challenging task, but start a social business is even more challenging.
... because as a purpose-driven entrepreneur you make a commitment to work in all areas of traditional business PLUS making a positive impact. 
... because your decisions are not only based on the impact will have on the profits, but also the impact will have on the environment, community, workers, and customers.
Even though it could be more challenging, it is way more fulfilling to build a business that is meaningful and makes a difference!
In this 2 part article we share the critical areas your business needs to master in order to build a sustainable business – environmentally and financially sustainable.


The pace of change has accelerated to the point where a standard business plan is no longer enough to plot the future of your business with any certainty. Disruptive technologies or unexpected competitors can come along and displace your business overnight. How do you position your company in this hyper-competitive environment to ensure you can create an ongoing impact and compete against traditional enterprises? You create a Purpose & Effective Business Map that identifies the gaps between where you are and where you want to go.
A brand is the most critical thing you can own. In today's economy and as a social entrepreneur, you must define your business values and who you want to be. It is about learning to differentiate yourself in the market segment by living your true nature at the same time. 
Being a purpose-driven business that is good for the planet can be a HUGE differentiator. But it is equally important to add more tangible value to the market than anybody else. The key to branding is to create an extraordinary experience in the consumer's mind.
What do customers get from you, and what do they get from your competitor? Answering this question is the essence of the customer experience, and it is what differentiates your business. The better you are at shaping that experience, the higher will be your impact.
We believe that in today's world, we should advocate building meaningful relationships with all the people we cross, like team members, suppliers, prospects, and of course, clients. 
In this section, we are going to explain how you can build your compelling ethical marketing strategy by putting people involved with you and your business first. A business strategy to forge your activities around. 
There is one thing to remember if you remember nothing else: SALES = INCOME. If a person's income suffers or if a business suffers, it is not because of the lack of quality products, creative ideas, or an inspiring work ethic. It is because this person is not performing well in sales. 
No sales = No Income = No Business = No Impact = No Joy. 
The first lesson in sales is to know how to play your strengths. It is to understand how to be your authentic self in all cases. Perhaps you have been led to believe that you have to be like someone else to make money. Or maybe you have been told that you have to be a particular type of person. 
Inside of you is the fantastic ability to make a significant impact on the world. All you have to do is answer these two questions: 
a) Do you like to help other people or the environment and create a positive change? 
b) Would you like to make a lot of money helping lots of people or the environment and meanwhile scaling your positive impact? 
If you said yes to both, you are in the right place. 
In business, the message is clear: You have to know how to sell, how to teach others to sell, and how to build a great team that can sell. That is how business impact multiplies. 
 Written by Fernando

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