8 Forces To Build A Business As A Force For Good – Part II

As we already covered in Part I of this article, growing a business that makes a positive impact in our world can be especially challenging.
In this Part II, we are going to cover the next areas that are critical in order to build a lasting business.
Start and grow a business it's a challenging task, but start a social business is even more challenging.
Why spend all your time, effort, expense, and credibility-building activity to attract new clients from the outside market when there is a more accessible and less expensive way to do it? You can partner with other people, companies, publications, and organizations and win new clients by entering their network. 
This way is faster, more efficient, and is only a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself. And not to forget: You meet tons of inspiring people and create a powerful network of changemakers for yourself.
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