A World Without Billboards - How It Could Look Like

A couple of months ago, I went to a piano concert by Igor Levit in Hamburg. While listening to Beethoven’s beautiful classical sonatas, my mind shifted into a meditative state, and I had a clear vision. I saw another world that looked very much like ours, with one crucial difference: We human-beings lived in 100% alignment with Mother Nature. 

I mean by this that you couldn’t see any crowded streets, big skyscrapers or ugly industrial buildings. This world was built so that all the necessities we needed, like places to sleep, transportation, etc. where underground. And all facilities we needed for our everyday life like offices, restaurants, and cafes were above ground but in the form of treehouses, hill houses and caves. We found a way to co-exist with nature without destroying it. And of course, one other thing that was not included in this world were billboards. 

Can you imagine a city without billboards or business signs?
An urban landscape with absolutely...

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