What I'm Doing at the Moment

Living in Hamburg, Germany.
Since June 2019 I am living with Sarah (my beautiful wife) and Nano Fridolin (my shameless cat) in Hamburg Germany. 

We moved to our current apartment in December 2019, and we put a lot of time, energy, and attention in making our space more comfortable. One of our most exciting projects is our balcony garden, where we have tomatoes, salad, paprika, mint, oregano, basil, among other things.

How I’m Spending My Time
Well, since corona I’m using my time in different ways, and according to my current values, the only thing I hadn’t done so much is traveling. I’m currently focusing on:

  1. The 4ChangeMakers Show: I just love this project. I can learn about other businesses, get to know and meet really cool people,  and share that with the world. 
  2. Creating new & free-content to raise awareness of a “new” and responsible way of doing business, 
  3. Creating free & paid content to support startups, small & medium size social businesses. 

For the upcoming months, this will be my main focus, and when this priority changes I will update it here.

  1. Researching, reading & learning - a very important topic of my life.
  2. I am currently learning German, I have 3 classes a week and making good improvements. The goal is to be able to have a fluent conversation by the end of this year - the secret goal is to be able to run a workshop, but we will see 😉German is pretty hard
  3. Doing a lot of research/reading/coaching on the topics of human behavior, immutable laws that pass the test of time and business savvy,  especially on how to adapt traditional business skills and practices into a responsible organization.

Something I really miss
Playing football. I am playing football since I can remember,  and I think this is the longest period that I ever had without being in a field running behind a ball. Every 2-3 days I’m going with my ball to the park but playing alone is not the same 🤣

Updated July 14th, 2020, from Hamburg, Germany.