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Upcoming Guest: Bruce Walker

How To Build International Events To Engage With 1000s Of Changemakers, Grow Your Brand, And Leverage Your Purpose.

Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 13:00 PM CET



Right now is more than ever the time where we need changemakers who bring transformation and a new way of thinking into our world. These changemakers use business as a force for good. But to grow their brands and share their positive messages, they need to reach many people.

A fantastic way to accomplish that as a purpose-driven entrepreneur is to create events and summits for your community. It doesn't matter if you run a product-based or a service-based business, there is always an event format that will fit your unique business model.

Our 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club is a perfect example of how we use events to gather our tribe and create value for each of you. And you can do the same with your own brand.

To show you how exactly you can do that, we want you to learn from an expert in that arena: Bruce Walker, the Founder Of FutureX. FutureX creates and curates content for business leaders building a more sustainable, socially-conscious global economy. They have a thriving online community, a resource hub, and a huge program of world-class events like the Impact Summit, Startup Summit, Future Business Forum, and Silicon Valley Scale to name a few.

Bruce's mission is to help all businesses discover how to use their purpose to start, grow and scale in business. And he already started at a very young age to bring it to practice. Aged 17, he started his first business WeAreFuture over five years, he worked with more than 5,000 entrepreneurs. He delivered global summit and programs in Edinburg, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, partnering with global brands.

You shouldn't miss this episode if you want to know about the following topics:

1) How to share your message and attract like-minded people using summits, events, tradeshows, or webinars

2) How to get started with your first events when nobody knows you

3) How to create a business model for every event and make sure it is profitable

4) How to avoid the common mistakes businesses make when hosting events

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Let's Connect, Learn, and Interact from the comfort of our offices.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. As part of that mission, we invite different experts to talk about creating a positive impact with our businesses.

How does this work?

Every two weeks, we will take our "lunch break" together (you, us, and the guest of the week) to share a pleasant conversation related to building businesses as a force for good.

Our first experiment was the podcast, where we interviewed leaders from disruptive businesses and teased out their business models, culture, mission, and vision, and whatever it might be that you can emulate and test in your own impact business. 

This new format evolved from the podcast format. We are testing this because we want to make this more interactive, so you can join live, comment, and ask questions to our guests (how cool is that?😎). We believe this will make the interviews more spontaneous, authentic, and more valuable to you and your business.

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#11 Alisha McFetridge

The Journey From Picking Your Right Business Idea To Powerful Execution
Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show
Listen to Alisha's Episode Now



Alisha is an entrepreneur, musician, and bone tumor survivor. She is the co-founder and CEO of Rainstick, a clean technology company committed to cutting residential water usage in half.

RainStick is a unique recirculating system that saves 80% water and 80% energy but feels like a high-pressure shower. By using robust filtration, RainStick provides a relaxing, safe, and cleansing experience.

Our population will grow by more than 2 billion people by 2050, putting more and more stress on water resources, and water demand is projected to grow by 30% over the next 30 years.

They are on the mission of disrupting the status quo because we need to do better in today's world.

Alisha started RainStick for one simple reason: we use too much water. With climate change here and a growing global population, it's time we change that.



#10 John Featherby

The Journey Of Becoming An Impact Leader: Key Learnings On Building An Entire Purpose Ecosystem
Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show
Listen to John's Episode Now



John Featherby is a long-term advocate of redefining business success and the future of workFounder of Shoremount, an advisory company, serving the purpose to restore joy, meaning, and freedom to every workplace. Shoremount was a Founding UK member of the global B Corp movement.

He is part of the Investment Committee for Resonance's multi-award winning impact funds. Resonance is one of the UK's leading social impact investment companies. Since 2002 they have worked with over 165 social enterprises and charities, enabling them to raise capital to grow their impact and make a more significant difference to the communities they serve. They currently manage over £260m of investors' capital across eleven operational funds.

John is also a Senior Advisor to Blueprint for Better Business for large corporates and institutions and contributes to the Land Stewardship & Faith working group. 

In this episode, we will discuss with John:

  1.  The new measure of success and the critical skills you need to thrive in this environment.
  2. Impact investment and what you need to know about raising capital and bringing investors to your purpose-driven venture.
  3. The future of work and how we can position today in a leading position to attract and develop a fantastic team.
  4. Balancing purpose and profit: how to build a business that makes a positive impact and makes money simultaneously.
  5. Understanding the corporate world and how to engage our sustainability initiatives with big players in our industry.
  6. And More…



#9 Jan Patzer

Building Reusable Products That Are Scalable And Sustainable
Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show
Listen to Jan's Episode Now



To solve the big problems we are facing nowadays when it comes to climate change and our environment, we need holistic solutions. Solutions that treat not only the symptoms but also the root cause of the problem.

Our guest of the next 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club is an entrepreneur who has committed himself to this principle. Jan Patzer is the Co-Founder of Avoid Waste and Crafting Future and has implemented an innovative strategy to fight the waste problem within our society. Avoid Waste is a sustainable online shop directed to the end-consumer, but it also builds partnerships with different stores in Germany and offers customized products to b2b partners. 

With Crafting Future, Jan also established a consulting business that helps companies develop sustainable products whose primary focus is on balancing sustainability and profitability based on Circular Economy. Their philosophy is to go even beyond sustainability by applying Reuse Models. 

Jan is driven by anchoring the Circular Economy approach within our society because it lets us achieve more with less use of resources. This is not only sustainable but also a clear competitive advantage. Join us live on Wednesday for this episode to learn more about:

  1. How to decide on the product-mix of your business
  2. How to develop sustainable products
  3. What the Reuse Model is and how it works
  4. The competitive advantage of the circular economy



#8 Léopold Coppieters

How to Build a No Brainer Business Model: A Peek Inside a B Corp That Is Disrupting The Energy Market
Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show
Listen to Léopold's Episode Now



Sea levels are rising, more animal species are becoming extinct every day, and our cities' air is becoming unbreathable. Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge: Global Warming. As entrepreneurs, we are confronted with the question:  How can we reduce our carbon emissions when our society and businesses are in desperate need of energy?

Skysun, a company that provides solar power solutions for small businesses, found an answer to that question and created a fantastic business out of that. Their business model is a true Win-Win. Skysun invests in the installation of a photovoltaic power plant on your property. They make the energy produced available to you for a fixed annual price. You will only pay a fraction of the public grid rates and save up to 30% of your energy bill. Isn't that amazing?

Skysun is an excellent example of developing an innovative business model and disrupting an industry. Usually, switching to solar energy seems expensive, complex, and risky. Skysun removes all of these barriers and proofs once again that it is possible to combine positive impact and profit. All these environmental problems we are facing at the moment are a massive opportunity for changemakers like us to build exceptional businesses and create an enormous change. 

Skysun is also B Corp certified, has the solar impulse label, and is committed to the SDGs #7 - Affordable and clean energy, #11 - Sustainable cities and communities, #13 Climate Action. #17 Partnerships for the goals.

Léopold Coppieters is the Co-founder of Skysun, and he is passionate about the environment and renewable energies. He started this company with the desire to make solar energy easy and accessible for everyone.

Léopold is in charge of orienting Skysun strategically. In the field, it is his job to develop long-term opportunities and growth partnerships.

In this episode, we will talk with Leopold about:

  1. Skysun story, how they got started, and the main challenges they faced along the way (and how they overcame them)
  2. Skysun innovative business model
  3. How they are financing the initial investments of solar panel installations
  4. What are they doing to expand the company outside the borders of Belgium
  5. Skysun's Impact Business Model
  6. PLUS the questions you can ask live :)



#7 Amara Abara

How Sustainable Brands Can Sell More Online

Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen to Amara's Episode Now



We are at a tipping point in our current economic system. It is no secret anymore that we are moving from a 20th Century Capitalism (the Shareholder Capitalism) to a 21st Century version: The Stakeholder Capitalism. We need many bold impact entrepreneurs with big visions and ambitions to bring change to proceed with this transition. But they don't have an easy game to play.

Worldwide there are about 600 million different entrepreneurs. That gives us a good hint on the competition out there in the market. And the majority is not (yet) driven by a deeper purpose.

For sustainable brands to unleash their mission and bring change on a big scale, they need to break through an ever noisy market. And this is easier said than done. To arm you for this challenge, we decided to dedicate the next episode of the 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club to this topic and invite an expert on that topic.

Amara Abara is the founder and CEO of GiantStride Media, a growth marketing agency for purpose-driven direct to consumer brands. Their primary focus is to master the art and science of growing the online sales of those brands to create massive impact and make the world a healthier place.

They do this by providing their clients with strategies for improving website conversions, increasing customer lifetime value, and bolstering brand equity.

Amara is a very passionate entrepreneur with many years of experience in running different businesses. He also has a background in Data Science and Management Consulting and loves exploring how you can leverage AI for growth.

Join us for the next 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club episode if you want to find out more about the following topics:

1) How to unlock business growth with paid advertising and how you can explore new growth channels

2) How you can grow your sales by making specific changes on your website

3) How to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective Ad Campaigns

4) The most critical success tips when getting started with selling your products online

5) How to maximize the lifetime value of your customers



#6 Dave Rouse

The Opportunities Businesses Have Through Carbon Offsetting And Why You Should Do It

Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen to Dave's Episode Now



Every action we take and every single item we buy creates carbon emissions. And the amount of these emissions trapped in our atmosphere causes global warming and climate change.

But we not only create carbon emission through consumption in our private life - our businesses have a more significant effect. Basically, every operational step adds to our carbon footprint - yes, even a single email has a carbon cost.

Of course, it should always be your #1 priority to find solutions to minimize them. But no matter how many strategies you put in place, completely avoiding carbon emissions is practically impossible.

That is where carbon offsetting comes in. It allows companies to compensate for the emissions they produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases somewhere else on the planet.

In our next episode, we will welcome Dave Rouse, the CEO of Carbon Click, a platform connecting businesses and individuals to projects that fight climate change. Companies can use Carbon Click's services to engage their customers with carbon offsets during the purchasing experience.

Dave is a New Zealand born eco-warrior with indigenous (Maori) cultural heritage. He grew up in a world where sustainability and working in harmony with the land were common to the wider community.

He started his entrepreneurial journey straight after University. By the time he was 30, he had owned a variety of sustainable businesses and had multiple successful exits.

He now invests and mentors others in business. When Carbon Click's idea was being pitched, he saw a big opportunity for bringing a solution to environmental and social problems and decided to come on board as a founding CEO.

Dave will teach you practical step on how to reduce your business' carbon footprint and what it means for different industries in the upcoming episode.

You will also find out how you can use carbon offsetting to build deeper connections with your target market.

And if you are thinking that you don't need all of this because you are already reducing your emissions, you should show up anyway because we will talk about why offsetting is always essential - no matter how high or low your footprint is.



#5 Hidde Van Gelder

Building A Thriving Community & Integrating Connection As A Business Success Factor

Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen to Hidde's Episode Now



In our fast-moving and digitalized society, we face a lack of deep and fulfilling human connections.

Zoku is a new kind of hotel that aims to disrupt the hotel industry and solve this problem.

They not just sell rooms and coffee to their guests like most other hotels but combine the element of home-office with the services of a hotel and the social factor of a thriving neighborhood. Zoku provides everything you need to feel connected to like-minded people while being on a business trip in another city. 

Hidde is the Community Manager at Zoku and also an inhouse B Leader. His everyday work is to engage the community and uphold Zoku’s values of 'Better Together.’

He chose to work for Zoku because he desired a lifestyle rather than 'just a job’! He brings together people and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds and is keen to enrich their personal & professional lives.

Hidde believes that when more people have this mindset, the world would be driven by passion, which results in making meaningful business instead of just making money. 

In the upcoming episode, we will talk about how Zoku managed to build a business that solves a core problem of their target market (the internationally mobile professional): the loneliness while being on business trips and the lack of connection.

You will learn how Zoku created a thriving community and what principles and strategies they put into action to keep it engaged - even during the current global pandemic.

The core of their community and the business is connection, and you will learn how you can implement this element as a success factor in your business and improve the relations with all of your stakeholders.



#4 Sabine Harnau

Sustainable Copywriting That Drives Cultural Change

Episode available on our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen to Sabine's Episode Now



People say they want to live more sustainably. But they don't. As you probably know, driving behavioral change is way more challenging than most people think.

Great copy inspires people to take action. Period. It is a super powerful skill to have.

Copywriting can be used for good and drive people to take positive action or can be used for your benefits, driving people to buy shit they don't need to impress people they don't even like... 

Now let's talk about doing good. Good copywriting can dramatically increase your community's engagement, effectively communicate your mission, and inspire people to join your newsletter, sign a petition, or buy a sustainable and fair product.

Our next guest at the 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club is Sabine Harnau, founder of From Scratch, a copywriting agency on the mission of building a fairer, greener future.

Sabine started the global copy team at LEGO Customer Service. Later, she spent a few years at a London-based consultancy: writing web copy, voice scripts, chat, and email messages for over 70 iconic brands, including cruise companies, online casinos, car companies involved in the emissions scandals… and British tabloids. In 2017, she simply could no longer ignore the fact that people and the planet will soon go to **** if we don't get our act together.

That's why she started From Scratch. To stop climate change, save species from dying and make society more humane, we need a radical rethink. We need a culture change. Communication is the best (perhaps even the only) way to achieve that.

In this episode, she will share practical tips to help you better communicate your story, optimize your website conversions, and inspire your clients and community to take action, helping you be the driver of change.

Join us at this 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club to learn more about copywriting and storytelling techniques applied for good!

#3 Jil Haferkamp & Leon Seefeld 

Scaling social impact by adapting social business models


Growing social challenges and rising customer requirements regarding sustainability increase the expectations of the social responsibility of businesses. However, from a daily business perspectivecorporate social responsibility is often seen as cash outflow.

A social business model can be described as the profitable sale of products or services with the genuine intention of tackling a societal challenge. This is beneficial for the company just as much as society. In this episode, we will talk about how a company can benefit from building social business models.

Jill and Leon are 2 of Reframe's founders, a consulting firm that helps established SMEs with adding social impact business models to their core business. Since 2018, their team has developed a structured approach to guide its clients from" social challenge identification" to "implementing a suitable business solution" that benefits both the business and society by positively impacting every item sold.

They will share with us their framework, which consists of 21 basic patterns that underly existing social business models. These patterns are rooted in an analysis of over 300 social businesses from across the globe and aim to translate such models into the SME world.

Join us at this 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club to learn more about social business models that can complement the core business, developing a new way to create a positive social impact and to take on social responsibility.​

#2 Karry Schwettmann 

Brand Activism & Greenwashing – How To Differentiate True Purpose From Superficial Intention

Episode available at our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen to Karry's Episode Now


Brand Activism is on the rise. Following a new generation of "woke“ consumers buying according to their belief, brands increasingly are changing their communication as well. Brands become more upfront, challenging and demanding.

However, we can find profit-driven companies and brands deceptively communicating "sustainable" values in products and services in order to appeal and make them look better to socially and environmentally aware consumers. In this session we will talk about the underlying dynamics of this trend and find clarity on this topic through asking the right questions.

Karry is a research & purpose consultant, helping companies implement the triple bottom line and re-imagine business as a force for good. As a B Corp Ambassador she had been involved in various environmental campaigns and movements, working together with impact-driven brands and helping them to translate their purpose into action, through community building, launching activistic initiatives and campaigning.

Her research insights - currently on the topic of purpose, brand activism and greenwashing are published on reknown blogs, giving her a unique perspective on the topic. She will be sharing with us her insights and findings, while answering critical questions. Join us at this 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club, as she will be sharing if brand activism is generally a good thing,  what impact can it make, what are the different forms of brand activism, and how can we differentiate between brand activism and green- or purpose-washing.

#1 Chris Butterworth

Digital Sustainability – The Physical impact of Our Digital Life

Episode available at our podcast - 4ChangeMakers Show

Listen To Chris's Episode Now


Every business is now a digital business in one form or another. Digital transformation can make a considerable contribution in helping organizations, cities, and nations better meet their sustainability goals -- including the Paris Agreement -- to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to well below 2°C." It's estimated that information and communications technology (ICT) devices can deliver a 20% reduction in global carbon emissions by 2030 and over $11 trillion in new economic benefits.

As you use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, requests are sent from your device to several different server computers located in the physical world that build the page's components, like the template, text, pictures, video, and adverts.

This means one simple thing: our digital life directly impacts our physical infrastructure and planet.

Chris has worked in digital for over ten years, accumulating design and technical experience, working with businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes. This gives him a unique perspective of the problem and practical tips/solutions that we can apply in our digital life. Join us at this 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club, as he will be talking about how sustainability looks like in a technologically driven society.