We care for people and our planet

"We believe that every entrepreneur has a responsibility towards the environment and society – we live it with every business decision we make."


- 4ChangeMakers 

4ChangeMakers in 10 Seconds


We are an educational platform for social entrepreneurs and bold people who are ambitious to address today's problems and change the world for the better.

We strongly believe that the key to implementing a new and better system to bring equality and sustainability throughout the planet is EDUCATION and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Our aim with 4ChangeMakers is to empower every entrepreneur who is keen to start a business as a force for good and make sure he/she will succeed. We supply you with all the tools, knowledge, and mindset support that is needed to accomplish your goals and desired positive impact. 

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#1  Value of Time
#2  Freedom
#3  Growth
#4  Curiosity
#5  Connection

We want to be a driving part in transitioning our current economy and system into one where every business is a force for good.

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Sina in 10 Seconds

Sina brings into 4ChangeMakers more than 7 years of experience in B2B sales and has worked with more than 200 companies in marketing and sales, helping them to grow their businesses, get more customers and set up successful campaigns.

One of her strengths is her creativity and positivity that helps her to always find a solution - even to the trickiest problems. Sina sees the good sides and opportunities in challenges and you will see her laughing and smiling a lot. 

One of Sina’s passions is to grow, learn, and constantly test the boundaries of her own mind. This is also why she is a huge fan of fantasy books and spiritual concepts. Sina is also a travel enthusiast who is curious about new concepts of living and enjoys exploring coliving spaces and communities of remote workers around the world.

#1  Freedom
#2  Nature
#3  Experience
#4  Connection
#5  Abundance

Inspiring people through education and knowledge to live in harmony and abundance on all levels. Being part of creating a society that is based on kindness, generosity, and peace and that acknowledges and honors the beauty and gifts of our wonderful home planet. 

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Fernando in 10 Seconds

Fernando is a business strategist and B2B sales expert who worked for multinational companies such as General Motors and Arval before he has his ‘wake up call’ and decided to dedicate his business career and time to purpose-driven businesses. 

Originally from Chile, he moved in 2017 to Europe to learn directly from world-class leaders about leadership, business models, and mindset. The same year he graduated from Business Mastery of Tony Robbins, and one year later from the Quantum Leap program of T. Harv Eker, where he and Sina met. 

Fernando is known for his high level of energy and his ability to connect with new people in a heartbeat. He has a sharp mind and loves to analyze people and businesses to the core which helps him to come up constantly with new concepts, strategies, and ideas to help our clients in every situation.

He believes that every human being has the potential of greatness within itself and he wants to inspire, educate, and empower people to live a life full of joy, courage, passion, and purpose. 

#1  Freedom
#2  Travel
#3  Education

I envision a world where humans have a high level of awareness and consciousness, where respect and the well-being of every life are the norm. Every single person is treated with respect, we accept our differences and our decisions are for the benefit of all - short and long term. A world we can enjoy, and fully develop and empower our lives from a young age in all seven personal areas.

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