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March 10, 2021 - John Featherby 

#20: The Journey Of Becoming An Impact Leader: Key Learnings On Building An Entire Purpose Ecosystem

John Featherby is a long-term advocate of redefining business success and the future of workFounder of Shoremount, an advisory company, serving the purpose to restore joy, meaning, and freedom to every workplace. Shoremount was a Founding UK member of the global B Corp movement.

He is part of the Investment Committee for Resonance's multi-award winning impact funds. Resonance is one of the UK's leading social impact investment companies. Since 2002 they have worked with over 165 social enterprises and charities, enabling them to raise capital to grow their impact and make a more significant difference to the communities they serve. They currently manage over £260m of investors' capital across eleven operational funds.

John is also a Senior Advisor to Blueprint for Better Business for large corporates and institutions and contributes to the Land Stewardship & Faith working group. 

In this episode, we will discuss with John:

  1.  The new measure of success and the critical skills you need to thrive in this environment.
  2. Impact investment and what you need to know about raising capital and bringing investors to your purpose-driven venture.
  3. The future of work and how we can position today in a leading position to attract and develop a fantastic team.
  4. Balancing purpose and profit: how to build a business that makes a positive impact and makes money simultaneously.
  5. Understanding the corporate world and how to engage our sustainability initiatives with big players in our industry.
  6. And More…




February 24, 2021 Léopold Coppitiers 

#19: How to Build a No Brainer Business Model: A Peek Inside a B Corp That Is Disrupting The Energy Market

You Should Do It

“The big players can't move that fast, but we have a unique edge. That differentiates us in the market." 

– Léopold Coppitiers

Sea levels are rising, more animal species are becoming extinct every day, and our cities' air is becoming unbreathable. Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge: Global Warming. As entrepreneurs, we are confronted with the question:  How can we reduce our carbon emissions when our society and businesses are in desperate need of energy?

Skysun, a company that provides solar power solutions for small businesses, found an answer to that question and created a fantastic business out of that. Their business model is a true Win-Win. Skysun invests in the installation of a photovoltaic power plant on your property. They make the energy produced available to you for a fixed annual price. You will only pay a fraction of the public grid rates and save up to 30% of your energy bill. Isn't that amazing?

Skysun is an excellent example of developing an innovative business model and disrupting an industry. Usually, switching to solar energy seems expensive, complex, and risky. Skysun removes all of these barriers and proofs once again that it is possible to combine positive impact and profit. All these environmental problems we are facing at the moment are a massive opportunity for changemakers like us to build exceptional businesses and create an enormous change. 

Skysun is also B Corp certified, has the solar impulse label, and is committed to the SDGs #7 - Affordable and clean energy, #11 - Sustainable cities and communities, #13 Climate Action. #17 Partnerships for the goals.

Léopold Coppieters is the Co-founder of Skysun, and he is passionate about the environment and renewable energies. He started this company with the desire to make solar energy easy and accessible for everyone.

Léopold is in charge of orienting Skysun strategically. In the field, it is his job to develop long-term opportunities and growth partnerships.

In this episode, we will talk with Leopold about:

  1. Skysun story, how they got started, and the main challenges they faced along the way (and how they overcame them)
  2. Skysun innovative business model
  3. How they are financing the initial investments of solar panel installations
  4. What are they doing to expand the company outside the borders of Belgium
  5. Skysun's Impact Business Model
  6. PLUS the questions you can ask live :)





February 10, 2021 - Amara Abara 

#18: How Sustainable Brands Can Sell More Online

“No one else has your DNA sequences or your life experiences. If you are able to infuse your unique traits into your brand you will differentiate yourself and stand out." 

– Amara Abara

For sustainable brands to unleash their mission and bring change on a big scale, they need to break through an ever noisy market. And this is easier said than done. To arm you for this challenge, we decided to bring in an expert on that topic.

Amara Abara is the founder and CEO of GiantStride Media, a growth marketing agency for purpose-driven direct to consumer brands. Their primary focus is to master the art and science of growing the online sales of those brands to create massive impact and make the world a healthier place.

They do this by providing their clients with strategies for improving website conversions, increasing customer lifetime value, and bolstering brand equity.

Amara is a very passionate entrepreneur with many years of experience in running different businesses. He also has a background in Data Science and Management Consulting and loves exploring how you can leverage AI for growth.

Listen to this episode if you want to find out more about the following topics:

1) How to unlock business growth with paid advertising and how you can explore new growth channels

2) How you can grow your sales by making specific changes on your website

3) How to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective Ad Campaigns

4) The most critical success tips when getting started with selling your products online

5) How to maximize the lifetime value of your customers




February 03, 2021 Dave Rouse 

#17: The Opportunities Businesses Have Through Carbon Offsetting And Why You Should Do It

“You have to try a lot of different things and be prepared to fail fast." 

– Dave Rouse

Every action we take and every single item we buy creates carbon emissions. And the amount of these emissions trapped in our atmosphere causes global warming and climate change.

But we not only create carbon emission through consumption in our private life - our businesses have a more significant effect. Basically, every operational step adds to our carbon footprint - yes, even a single email has a carbon cost.

Of course, it should always be your #1 priority to find solutions to minimize them. But no matter how many strategies you put in place, completely avoiding carbon emissions is practically impossible.

That is where carbon offsetting comes in. It allows companies to compensate for the emissions they produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases somewhere else on the planet.

In our next episode, we will welcome Dave Rouse, the CEO of Carbon Click, a platform connecting businesses and individuals to projects that fight climate change. Companies can use Carbon Click's services to engage their customers with carbon offsets during the purchasing experience.

Dave will teach you practical steps on how to reduce your business' carbon footprint and what it means for different industries in the upcoming episode.

You will also find out how you can use carbon offsetting to build deeper connections with your target market.

And if you are thinking that you don't need all of this because you are already reducing your emissions, you should show up anyway because we will talk about why offsetting is always essential - no matter how high or low your footprint is.




January 20, 2021 - Hidde Van Gelder 

#16: Building A Thriving Community & Integrating Connection As A Business Success Factor

“Money is just a tool to reach your goals. But the more money you create and the more profit you have the more impact you can make on the community you serve." 

– Hidde Van Gelder

In our fast-moving and digitalized society, we face a lack of deep and fulfilling human connections.

Zoku is a new kind of hotel that aims to disrupt the hotel industry and solve this problem.

They not just sell rooms and coffee to their guests like most other hotels but combine the element of home-office with the services of a hotel and the social factor of a thriving neighborhood. 

Hidde is the Community Manager at Zoku and also an inhouse B Leader. His everyday work is to engage the community and uphold Zoku’s values of 'Better Together.’

Hidde believes that when more people have this mindset, the world would be driven by passion, which results in making meaningful business instead of just making money. 

In the upcoming episode, we will talk about how Zoku managed to build a business that solves a core problem of their target market (the internationally mobile professional): the loneliness while being on business trips and the lack of connection.

You will learn how Zoku created a thriving community and what principles and strategies they put into action to keep it engaged - even during the current global pandemic.




January 15, 2021 Sabine Harnau 

#15: Sustainable Copywriting That Drives Cultural Change

“If Never jump from 'Never Heard About You' straight to the sell. You have to offer people the opportunity to change their minds with your support and by helping them." 

– Sabine Harnau

People say they want to live more sustainably. But they don't. As you probably know, driving behavioral change is way more challenging than most people think.

Great copy inspires people to take action. Period. It is a super powerful skill to have.

Copywriting can be used for good and drive people to take positive action or can be used for your benefits, driving people to buy shit they don't need to impress people they don't even like... 

In this episode, we talked to Sabine Harnau, founder of From Scratch, a copywriting agency on the mission of building a fairer, greener future.

She started the agency to stop climate change, save species from dying, and make society more humane.

In this episode, she will share practical tips to help you better communicate your story, optimize your website conversions, and inspire your clients and community to take action, helping you be the driver of change.




November 04, 2020 - Karry Schwettmann 

#14: Brand Activism & Greenwashing - How to Differentiate True Purpose from Superficial Intentions

Brand Activism is on the rise. Following a new generation of "woke“ consumers buying according to their belief, brands increasingly are changing their communication as well.

Brands become more upfront, challenging, and demanding. However, we can find profit-driven companies and brands deceptively communicating "sustainable" values in products and services in order to appeal and make them look better to socially and environmentally aware consumers. 

In this session, we talked about the underlying dynamics of this trend and find clarity on this topic by asking the right questions. Karry is a research & purpose consultant, helping companies implement the triple bottom line and re-imagine business as a force for good. As a B Corp Ambassador, she had been involved in various environmental campaigns and movements, working together with impact-driven brands and helping them to translate their purpose into action, through community building, launching activistic initiatives, and campaigning.




October 23, 2020 Chris Butterworth 

#13: Digital Sustainability & Our Digital Carbon Footprint

“If the internet would be a country it would be the 6th biggest polluted in the world.”

– Chris Butterworth

Our digital life directly impacts our physical infrastructure and planet.

Did you know that information and communications technology devices can deliver a 20% reduction in global carbon emissions by 2030 and over $11 trillion in new economic benefits?

Well, we didn't know, that's why we invited Chris because if you use a cell phone, or your business has a webpage, you and your business have some sort of digital impact.

Chris is an expert in digital sustainability with over 10 years of experience working with businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes, and in this episode, he shared his expertise to help you and your business lower your digital & physical impact.




August 13, 2020 - Christian Sigmund - CEO Wild Plastic

#12: Wild About Plastic & Bringing Positive Change Part II

“It’s very important to not believe you are the saver that comes to some region and saves the world. Is about caring about other people truly and deeply.”

– Christian Sigmund

In this podcast episode, Fernando met with Christian Sigmund, Co-founder & CEO of Wildplastic and they had a great experience and conversation in the campervan of Chris at the Harbour of Hamburg.

This interview turns out to be very in-depth and long, so we decided to split into 2 parts.

In this second part, Chris shares about the Purpose Economy and why Wildplastic decided to be a Purpose business. Thoughts on capitalism and how the economy of tomorrow will look like, how to work with investors and how to build a valuable/sustainable supply chain.

 Please, enjoy it!




July 17, 2020 Christian Sigmund - CEO Wild Plastic

#11: Wild About Plastic & Bringing Positive Change Part I

“It’s very important to not believe you are the saver that comes to some region and saves the world. Is about caring about other people truly and deeply.”

– Christian Sigmund

In this podcast episode, Fernando met with Christian Sigmund, Co-founder & CEO of Wildplastic and they had a great experience and conversation in Chris' campervan at the Harbour of Hamburg. 

This interview turned out to be very in-depth and long, so we decided to split it into two parts.

This 1st chapter is about Chris' journey and how he became a social entrepreneur, the motivation and reasons why he started Wildplastic and left behind his corporate career at Google and Youtube. 

What he didn't leave behind were the lessons he learned by working for these companies, and he shares some critical factors in building high-performing teams. 

He also shares the story on how he found the co-founders of Wildplastic and the mission that put them to work together with a very unique ownership structure.

You will find this and much more in the 1st part of the conversation with Chris Sigmund. Enjoy!




June 18, 2020 - Johanna Mager, Co-Founder of

#10: Expanding your Business Internationally

 “I can either work with companies that don’t care or work with the ones who do care. I would be stupid if I don’t choose the ones that care, because they can actually make a difference.”

Johanna Mager

Our guest today is Johanna Mager. Johanna is the founder of Expansion Eco, a consulting company that helps international social business enter the german market. She’s also the founder of The Next Normal community of people who are committed to sustainability and positive impact. In this episode Johanna shares with Sina the key ingredients for a successful expansion, how to deal with insecurities and fears, and practical advice to get you started with your business, what are the important things you should be focusing on and how to find your first clients. Now, did you know that more than 80% of businesses that try to expand internationally fail? Well, listen to this fantastic conversation to find out more about this and how to be part of the 20% that succeeds. Enjoy.




June 11, 2020 Andrea Bury - Founder of Abury

#09: Overcoming Insecurities & Building a Business That Makes a Difference

“You Have To Be The First Believer In Yourself, So Others Can Believe In You."

– Andrea Bury

Our guest for today’s episode is Andrea Bury. Andrea is the founder of Abury, a fair trade brand based in Berlin that offers handmade accessories from different countries and cultures around the world.

Abury has the B Corp certification, which makes them a role model when it comes to doing business with impact. In this interview Andrea shares with us how she started her journey back in 2008. Since then she managed to have a Hotel in Marrakesh, start a foundation, bring TedX to Marrakech, and start her business.

She also shares in detail the business model of Abury, and the Impact business model they use and how they are making a difference in education, and some advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting. This and much more in this interesting and fun interview. Enjoy!




June 03, 2020 - Clara Bütow, Soulbottles

#08: Using Business & Collaborations To Bring Solutions To Climate Change

“The way we approach business is by believing in the spirit of collaboration. We know we cannot solve the plastic problem ourselves, it is too complex. We need the help of other people and businesses to succeed.”

– Clara Bütow

In this podcast episode Fernando interviews Clara Bütow. Clara is an activist against climate change, TedX Speaker and part of the team of Soulbottles, an impact business based in Berlin. This episode covers a wide range of topics. From the unique way Soulbottles organizes their teams without hierarchy and bosses, to sales and marketing. From the Impact Business Model Soulbottles uses to make a difference, to practical tips on how to navigate the current global health situation.

As an activist, you hear from first hand how Clara managed to run a successful crowdfunding campaign to organize a bicycle tour over 15 cities conducting 25+ events to raise awareness over the plastic problem. She also shares her experience living 1 month without using a single piece of plastic! Among practical advice for your daily life to live a more conscious lifestyle and raise the awareness of the people around you. This and much more on this fantastic episode. Enjoy!




May 28, 2020 Frank Bömers - Purpose Enabler

#07: Leading On Purpose

“Purpose is not something agile that comes and goes. Purpose is something to stay, we have the opportunity to create a better world for all of us.”

– Frank Bömers

Today’s Episode it’s an interesting one. Sina had a good talk with Frank Bömers on the topic of PURPOSE. Frank is a Purpose Enabler and an International Speaker, who supports companies to live on purpose. After working for 25 years in the medical sector, Frank decided to put his experience and expertise on the business world to help others to integrate PURPOSE in a company. This topic is interesting because it is not something we can easily measure.

Frank discusses with Sina what purpose means for him, and most importantly what’s the role within an organization. He shares some practical tips to help you and your business to get everyone involved with your purpose. Today’s economy has too much businesses only trying to make a profit, and that led us to have a surprisingly majority of the workforce disengaged. We need to look at business from a holistic perspective. Where it is more important how you make that profit, and what you do with that. In this episode, you will find Sina’s and Frank’s thoughts on this topic, and much more. Enjoy!




May 21, 2020 - Carlo Hein, Managing Director Ramborn Cider & Becolux

#06: Lessons from a Sustainable Serial Entrepreneur

"Don't shy away and just do it! Waiting doesn't really help, take a decision and go on"

– Carlo Hein

In this episode, Fernando had a conversation with Carlo Hein, a serial sustainable entrepreneur from Luxemburg. Carlo is involved in different businesses from different industries, and sustainability is a recurrent theme in all of them. He shares his experience and his way of thinking to integrate sustainability in everything he does, from renewable energy to sustainable buildings. From facility management to cider production. Carlo has a strong drive to make our world a better place through business, and he shares his lessons on how to structure a business from the very beginning that makes a profit and it is sustainable at the same time. Enjoy!




May 14, 2020 Felix Hallwachs - Managing Director Little Sun

#05: Clean & Affordable Energy to Our World

"We don’t have a marketing strategy anymore. We moved away from classic marketing to sell products a few years ago. For us, communication is it’s own impact category.“

– Felix Hallwachs

In this episode Sina interviewed Felix Hallwachs, director of Little Sun. Little sun is a social business that produces Portable solar lamps and is now a global project that has changed over two million lives through the awesome power of the sun. In this interview, Felix, who was involved in the company from the very beginning, shares the story of little sun, how they started and how they developed their structure to run a global business. He shares why they decided to be a social business instead of a NGO, and some practical insights to find and get support from impact investors, something that has been a key aspect of their development. More than 1 billion people live without access to electricity, and little sun is helping to reduce that. They have a really interesting Impact business model, which of course Felix talks about it in this interview. Please enjoy!




May 07, 2020 - Liz Soto Rivas, Founder of Bohetnika

#04: Building a Sustainable Fashion Brand

"I always say YES to opportunities! Don't be afraid Just do it. Just say yes!"
– Liz Soto Rivas

Welcome to a new episode of the 4ChangeMakers Show where it is our job, each episode of this 1st season, to deconstruct disruptive businesses and tease out the business models, culture, mission & vision, Impact Business Models, and whatever it might be that you can emulate and test in your own impact business. In this episode my dear friend and business partner Sina interviewed Liz, founder of Bohetnika.

Today’s episode it’s really inspiring, because Liz is sharing her story of moving to Germany from Mexico and starting a business with her husband. Bohetnika is an ethical fashion brand that sources clothes from a network of 200+ artisan in Mexico, that are 100% handmade, fair traded and eco-friendly. When Liz arrived to Germany 6 years ago, she didn't know anybody, so she started a community that today has more than 6 thousand people in it, and of course, she shares how she did it. She also shares how they developed a relationship with local artisans to empower them. This and much more on this episode. Enjoy!




April 29, 2020 Ynzo Van Zanten - Tony's Chocolonely

#03: Disrupting the Chocolate Industry With A Clear Purpose

"Make sure that what you do is authentic, that what you do adds something to the society and the people around you. Is not about you as a brand, is about them as a movement, help them become the better version of themselves."

– Ynzo Van Zanten

In the 3rd episode of this first season Fernando interviewed Ynzo Van Zanten, the Choco Evangelist of Tony's Chocolonely, the leading chocolate producer in the Netherlands. Their mission is to lead the way for the entire industry to produce chocolate 100% slave free. In this conversation Ynzo shares key insights on how to build a fair value chain, how to develop a close relationship with suppliers, and how to market a product without (0€) paid advertising. He shares the story of how Tony's Chocolonely started, their growth, marketing and sales strategies, the amazing culture of the company and much more.




April 28, 2020 - Boris Kozlowski & Jose Saldaña, Founder of Impact Hub Hamburg

#02: Leading the transition towards a higher impact-driven economy

"If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together"

– Boris Kozlowski & Jose Saldaña

In this episode we had our dear friends and founders of the Impact Hub Hamburg Boris Kozlowski & Jose Saldaña. The Impact Hub is a global network of coworking spaces designed for social entrepreneurs, they have hubs in more than 100 cities around the world in more than 55 countries. Fernando interviewed them and asked them about the lessons learned on their successful crowdfunding campaign, the power of collaboration with competitors, building a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, and many many more.




April 27, 2020 - Michael Schweikart, Co-Founder

#01: Sustainable Innovation In The Banking Industry

"I wish more people go out there and start their own companies, addressing the real problems of the world and don't start the 50th E-commerce".

– Michael Schweikart

 In this episode, Sina Helmke had an amazing conversation with Michael Schweikart, one of the Co-Founders and CFO of Tomorrow Bank. Tomorrow Bank is an online bank designed to make a positive impact on our planet. He shares the truth behind the banking system and what really happens with your money, and how they are successfully solving this problem by bringing an innovative solution to the market.

Some other topics you will find include a deep dive on: their business model. Lessons on raising 8.5 million euros from angel investors, the importance of aligning your business with your values and how to say NO to investors that are not aligned with you. They spend the first 6 months only working on their business model, you are about to hear what they discover on this process, and how they decided to shift to online banking instead of a sustainable investing platform. This and much much more on this episode! Please enjoy!





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